Mural Tee    *Design contribution from a Nectar-user!*
Mural Tee    *Design contribution from a Nectar-user!*
Organic-Bamboo only! (Please read details below))

Mural Tee *Design contribution from a Nectar-user!*

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  • Please Note: This shirt utilizes a "Direct To Garment" print-process, the only one we sell.
        Direct To Garment is a unique printing-process, that creates in an unusually stretchable, breathable, and comfortable image-transfer. Please note that you may observe a less-opaque whiteness/brightness than standard Platisol screen-printing. 
    (That's the deal with DTG! :) )
ONNO -brand Premium Bamboo Tee!
Made from: 70% viscose from organic bamboo, 30% organic cotton. Great fit.
Softer than your softest cotton shirt.
People are going to touch you.
Made from the fastest growing plant on earth.
You'll like these shirts.

Bamboo is a grass, and grows like a weed. In fact, it's the fastest growing plant on the planet. It can grow up to three feet in a day. It doesn't need help from pesticides or insecticides, and it usually grows on rain water. The benefits of bamboo are abundant.  Because bamboo grows so quickly, it is a resource that is not only sustainable, but also gives back to the environment.

Beyond the environment, there are many benefits for the people wearing bamboo t-shirts. You can feel good about yourself when you wear a bamboo t-shirt. You can paint a smile on your face just knowing the material you are wearing is fed by rain. Just rain. Little drops from the sky. Your shirt didn't need to be bathed with water resources we can't afford. It wasn't saturated with pesticides or fertilizers. It grew naturally, with the sun, the rain, the stars and the moon.Bamboo t-shirts feel smooth against your body and move with you beautifully.

Just think of the strength, power and self-sufficiency of this crop.  If all this excitement has you feeling faint, don't worry, bamboo generates more oxygen than trees. We love the stuff.
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