About Us

Welcome to The NectarGear store.  Glad you stopped-in!

Our focus is on making the finest nutrients and soils available on the market today.
 While doing our-thing, we wind-up get a lot of requests for products that highlight our incredible artwork.

For years, an evolving array of Oregon's Only/Nectar For The Gods shirts and hoodies have been collected and traded amongst the underground-insiders, and elite-masters of the west-coast's organically-minded grow-community.
    Fantastic artwork used for Cup-events, Solstice-events, and other unique one-offs, are highly-prized just due to the amazing artwork itself...let alone the rareness of NFTG swag.
Unfortunately, the everyday brother or sister was left with no ability purchase or obtain these highly-prized creations.

Fast forward to now.
We decided to try offering the classic designs, along with planning frequent new and exciting offerings based on customer feedback!
We didn't really have any fancy name for the collection of stuff, so we call it NectarGear.

Some people wanna wear the shirts till they're trashed...some people wanna collect the art, some people need a grinder or a wrench.

Some people may need the occasional odds and ends we will offer here.
We want all to be happy!

Our Return Policy is simple:
If you have a problem or are displeased with anything you buy here...contact us!
We'll do our best to make it right.